Connecting online with new target audiences for "Viva la Frida!"

In October 2020 the international exhibition ‘Viva la Frida!’ starts in the Drents Museum! We will show the famous collection of paintings and drawings from Museo Dolores Olmedo, expanded with a collection of biographical objects from Museo Frida Kahlo including clothing, corsets and jewellery. It’s the first time that these two collections will be exposed together. This offers the Drents Museum the unique opportunity to tell the complete Frida story. An extra exhibition shows contemporary work inspired by Frida Kahlo. We expect "Viva la Frida!" to be a monumental exhibition that lots of people will want to experience. This will be an excellent opportunity to introduce new groups of people to our museum. We want to connect with a target group that is younger and more international than our average visitor and is interested in the art and life of Frida Kahlo. In this talk I shall discuss the digital strategy we are using to connect with these groups.


Sanne Bruining has been working in online marketing for 11 years. In former jobs, she worked for an online marketing agency in Groningen and a European online wholesaler. She works in a planned and strategic way and values measuring and analysing results. Since 2019, Sanne is online marketeer for the Drents Museum, which inspires with stories about archeology, art and history. The Drents Museum recently won the most important Dutch Exhibition Prize for the "Iran" exhibition. In November 2019 the Drents Museum received international attention for purchasing the Van Gogh painting "Peasant burning weeds", together with the Van Gogh Museum. Now on display: exhibition "Under the spell of Mount Ararat". Upcoming October 2020: "Viva la Frida!".